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Tyris Communications, Inc.
Tyris needed an updated, clean, and professional look and feel for their site. The new site focuses on simple visual appeal and easy information access. The site also integrates an interactive data table, and uses the Google Maps API to map the locations of Tyris' properties.
Center for Online Collective Action and Trust (COCAT)
The COCAT site is focused on the clean display of the people and publications associated with the center. COCAT needed a scalable database backend that would make adding and classifying new personnel and publications easy. The site uses a simple but robust relational database structure to link people, projects, and publications to each other, and automatically generate pages for the site. The COCAT website also incorporates a subtle use of animated menus using Javascript.
Keith York, MA, MFT
Growing his therapy practice, Keith needed a website that would appeal to his target market. We worked together to craft a site design, functionality, and messaging that would work. The final design for also includes an eye-catching flash animation on the landing page, and an AJAX-enabled newsletter sign-up process.
inChorus, Inc.
As a co-founder of inChorus, a San Francisco-based start-up company, I was responsible for the design and usability of our website, as well as the design and implementation of a sophisticated Flash widget. The inChorus site packaged sophisticated functionality into an easy-to-use interface, and used dynamically generated CSS-based graphs to display information. Working with a complex database backend, pushed the integration of PHP, mySQL, Javascript, CSS, and Flash to their fullest potential.